Luminous Heating, Tube Heating, 

Patio Heating, Sports Facilities/Arenas

Air Distribution

Motor Starters & VFD

 Prefabricated Stacks

Grilles, Registers, Diffusers,

Terminal Boxes & Fan Coils 

Commercial/Industrial  HVAC,

Gas. OilHot Water, Steam

Boiler Stacks & Grease Ducts

Louvers, Ventilators, Dampers

Adjustable Nylon Based

Support Systems

Custom Heating Units

Trevira, Combi, Antistat, Poly, All-in-one

Corrosion Resistant Fans, Blowers

​Fume Extractors

Self- Contained Hood, Fan,

Fire Suppression System

Bath Fans, Range Hoods

​Electric Heat Products

Variable Refrigerant and VFD's

​​Personal service with the experience to back it up.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Louvers, Dampers &

​Sound Attenuators


Electronic Steam Humidification

​Electric Duct Heaters

Roof Curbs, Pipe Supports

Architectural Access Doors,

Roof Hatches & Smoke Vents

Flexible Duct

Electric Air Filters

Carbon Monoxide & Welding  Exhaust Systems

Pipe Penetrations, Pipe Supports

Dust Collectors

Electric Duct Heaters

Aluminium Round Spot


Air Curtains

Puracell, Magna, Z Pak,

Z Line Series Filters, Sleeves

Ceiling and Inline

Exhaust Fans

Dampers, Regulators & Controls

Commercial HVAC

Duct, Pipe, Fittings

Commercial & Industrial

​Fans & Blowers

Line List

Grilles, Security Bars,

Access Doors, ​Hoods

Ionization Generators

Energy Recovery Units


Kitchen Ventilation

Hydronix & DX Air Supply

Belt & Direct Drive Configurations

Spiral Pipe & Fittings